Virtual Slate is more than a theme, it changes the way you administer, report and manage your Moodle. We pre-load Virtual Slate with all the plugins and features you need to run a successful LMS. Need further details, check out our how to videos.

Advanced Reporting

Interactive Dashboards allow you to report against your courses, activities, users and view detailed reports.

Learning Pathways

A learning pathway template defines a set of competencies which you can assign to a group of users. 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points/hours

CPD Dashboard

Allow users to view and track Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points / hours.

Advanced Enrolment

Automatically add users to a cohort based on pre-defined conditions related to their profile or activity completion.

Email Notifications

Keep your learners up to scratch by reminding them about the pending training with an option to escalate to managers.

Course Cover Image

Brand the course by adding a course cover image that is relevant to the course.

Unique Access Codes

Automatically enrol users into cohorts, courses and groups when they signup using Unique Access Code.


Badges are a great way of celebrating achievement, progress and awarding learners.


Authenticate using various auth providers. Custom registration forms, user profile fields and more.

Highly Customisable

Brand Virtual Slate the way you want. Customise images, logos, colours, CSS and JS using our administrator dashboard.

Face to Face Training

Manage in-person training with multiple sessions, define capacity, and create calendar reminders & attendance tracking.

Team Management

Create teams and assign managers for them to be able to view the performance of their team/s from the dashboard.


Create uniquely branded PDF certificates and/or diplomas for students in a course and award them on completion of any criteria.

Bulk Actions Utility

Perform actions on multiple resources or activities, rather than repeating actions.

Web Conferencing

Students can view & listen to presentations, ask questions & participate in discussions.

Course pre-requisites

Set pre-requisites on course/s and prevent learners from accessing courses if pre-requisites are not met.

Course Formats

Advanced course formats that allow intuitive presentation of the courses to learners.