Lingel Learning

Our team is composed of educators, designers, Moodle developers and project managers with over a decade of experience in education and technology.

Our Story

Founded in 2011, Lingel Learning is an experienced and dynamic e-learning development company with offices across Australia and Canada. We offer a range of services from hosting, development, support, integration, multitenancy, training to course development.

Lingel Learning is a Certified Moodle Partners that works with Moodle HQ to provide Moodle services for schools, institutions and organisation’s online learning environments.

We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results to all our clients both locally and globally, be it a start-up or large corporation.


enrolmart is a stand-alone ecommerce shopping cart for Moodle called. It seamlessly integrates with your Moodle instance so users can purchase products, courses, webinars and face to face sessions. Upon successful purchase, they are instantly enrolled into the course and emailed login credentials.

Moodle Development
We offer a range of Moodle services:


Moodle Support

Whether it’s Instructional, End User or Application Support, we can tailor fit a Moodle support package to your requirements. Support can be offered hourly, monthly or annually.


Moodle Training
Our trainers use Moodle software on a daily basis, and we bring that level of knowledge and experience to our workshops. We offer both Online and Onsite training are highly interactive workshops that allow you to experience the simplicity, flexibility and the power of Moodle.

Moodle Course Creator
Moodle Administrator

Course Development

Whether it’s Bespoke or Rapid course development we have a team of instructional designers that can create interactive SCORM and Moodle courses that fit with your budget and timeline.

e-learning course development

We are experts in educational technology who have years of experience with Moodle projects and the expertise to deliver high quality projects.

We pay a portion Virtual Slate income directly to Moodle in the form of royalties. This helps the Moodle project move forward and ensure the ongoing development, support and maintenance of Moodle.